Men, the Beach Weekend is here.

Beach Style is easy and sexy.

Weekend’s here!

Well, all you guys- IF and Only IF you’re spending the weekend at a Beach or near water-like Rishikesh, we might have the ‘just right’ style-tip for you to rock it in front of the ladies.

1. Travelling- Nothing beats those shorts in comfort, dude. But your legs aren’t exactly shiny and beautiful 😉 so keep ‘em covered and opt for a good jeans or track pants.

2. Reach- If the sand’s good and the scenery a delight, jump into a shorts and a plain tee. This combination is cool, casual and ‘photogenic’- yes, solid colors on you will make your photos look good too. Another choice is to keep your shirt open from the front. Best-carry that denim shirt along!

3. Swim/Raft- What you wear down there is just your choice, but make sure you carry a plain black Tee/Fitted Vest along as it is just too sexy when wet 😉 Carry a sun-screen and your Raybans for sure.

4. Avoid a fashion faux pas by NOT wearing your shorts 2 sizes small. It shows way too much than you’ll want to. 😉

fashion faux pas for Indian Men, beach wear

5. Do some crazy sh*t- Bury someone in sand, Pretend to drown and make girls give you mouth-to-mouth! Collect bones of dead animals and wear them in ur neck 😉  And, if you’ve been gym-ing, then what-the-heck, “it’s exactly the time to shed that Tee and go au-naturel.”

Do crazy stuff 2

Hope, our practical tips leave you delighted. ☺ Do share your style photos with us on


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