Our male stylist, Rahul-  has a confession to make.  Here he goes-

Rahul: Pictures scare me. In fact, I hate them. It’s mostly because I think I’m outrageously unphotogenic. And though I am hopeful (and, at least, occasionally told) that I look better in person, seeing my snapshot on my driver’s license always makes me cringe.

But it turns out, with a little preparation, I think I may have found salvation, and I am hopeful that this recipe will make many men take a good, or at least a better 😉 passport photo

Shave right for a good photo!

Shave right for a good photo-StyleSaute’s Tip.

1. Lather up

A grumpy looking face doesnt get many lovers- StyleSaute’s Tip

Rolling out of bed isn’t exactly the way to put your best face forward. Take a shower and give yourself a nice, clean shave. If you sport some sort of scruff, feel free to keep it. Just make sure it’s trim and tidy.

2. Sane your Mane

Treat yourself to a haircut about a week before picture day. You’ll still be fresh, but a few days worth of growth will keep you from looking like you tried too hard, or were shorn 5 minutes ago.
Slick hair makes you look cleaner- StyleSaute's Tip.
3. Sport simple SolidsChecks, plaids and stripes — they’re too playful for the all-business kind shots. Stick to solid colors that are dark enough to contrast with the background.  Solids always make your complexion look brighter. Colors particularly anything red, orange or yellow — can highlight imperfections in your skin. Cooler colors in the blue family genrally offer good pictures.
4. Don’t go looking too boring, or too fashionableRemember: A passport photo follows you for a few months, or years. Although you may be thinking that a crewneck tee is your best bet, but it’s far too informal. Go for a button-down shirt in a solid color and you wont risk looking like a rookie for the time to come.

5. Decide your Pose

The truth is, most of us rarely take a head-on, face-only photo in everyday life. So, sit in front of a mirror for a minute and find your best shot. It should only take a minute to find your best pose and will get you mentally ready.

Decide your Pose & Smile- StyleSaute's Tip


6. Catch some Zs

Sleep for at least eight hours the night before to lighten the load under your eyes.

7. Pick the right time

If you’re getting clicked in the morning we’d say it’s the best time you can choose. If you’re choosing the evening to get clicked, make sure you dont feel tired or disheveled after a full day’s work.

Morning Shots come the best- StyleSaute's Tip

Morning Shots come the best- StyleSaute’s Tip

Following at least a few of these tips should kick the quality of your pics up a few notches. Then again, if all else fails, it’s only a passport photo.

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