KARWA CHAUTH: Dress for the WIFEY Tonight.

We know, half of you fasted and half of you made your woman fast 😉 but whatever the case was, if seeing your love all dressed up tonight for YOU feels a li’l guilt-binding to you then at-least dressing for HER is something you can do without much effort. You know we’re all about being practical but a little fashionable as well, so here are our 5 top Style Tips-

1. Play it Ethnic– Wear a Silk Kurta with your churidaars. If you’re missing on a silk kurta, go for a cotton kurta but make sure you color it up with something.








2. Play it Cool– A great way to jazz up that plain white cotton kurta you’ve had since ages, is to wear it with your Slim or Straight Leg Blue Jeans! Make sure to keep some buttons of the Kurta from the top open to let the hungry lioness (aka your hungry, fasting wife) take a sneak peek as tonight could be a good night for you 😉 Play it cool- StyleSaute

3. Feelin’ like Experimenting– Cuz finally, it’s you and your wife tonight- you can try wearing a ‘Dhoti with your white Kurta’ by reading “How to Wear” it here








4. Hair you are!– Lastly, style up your Hair with some shiny gel today, as according to our female stylists (aka other hungry lionesses), Men look “really SEXY” with wild, wet hair especially when wearing traditional!









5.  “I Smell Something, Honey!”–  Top it off with your wife’s favorite perfume and she’ll be swooning over you. We’re so sorry that we didn’t think of leting you know some great outfits to buy before hand, but we’ll make sure that we do it for Deepawali!  Stay plugged!


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