Stubble Trouble? Do Women Flinch to kiss their guy cuz of the stubble?

Stubble at StyleSaute

Well, Malaika Arora doesn’t seem flustered to kiss her man, be there the stubble or not! But yes, she does talk about the extra pleasure of kissing on a buttered cheek 😉

We dont want to form an opinion yet, but wonder what do ‘You’ think of these sexy men in stubble!

Stubble at StyleSaute

He is a dandy actor but does he look good with a 3-day-old stubble?

Stubble at StyleSaute

He looks serious and he means business. Does stubble make ‘You’ look serious somedays?

Stubble at StyleSaute

Has anyone’s stubble made him look as cute and compassionate as it makes Mr George Clooney look?


Last and the least, here is what Mr Khan has to say! 😀

Whether I shave or Not


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