Well, Xmas falls on a Tuesday this year but we know you anyways will celebrate it this weekend partying! 😉 So, we’ve put together a few stunning sample outfits for you. You can use these style tips the best if you follow any 2 colors!

An absolutely classic way to get your beige coat & colored pants on the way 🙂

Rock that Color! StyleSauteSometimes, with just the right co-ordinates, you can turn a formal outfit into a casual

Brown Blazer, StyleSauteCheck-it-out 😉 This combination is just so urban and downplayed. Perfect for that wintry office morning!

Check Blazer, StyleSauteWell, these are some ways you can rock the party this Weekend!

If you’re thinking about how these will look on you, you can just email me at shruti@stylesaute.com and we can begin.

Between, we’re just loving this awesome ‘awesome’ beauty of a Blazer we discovered! How do you like it? Please let us know by filling the poll below. 🙂

Blazer, StyleSaute


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