Men, TAME the Tuxedo.

Look One: Traditional Tuxedo

A black tuxedo jacket paired with accompanying trousers is an example of sleek, timeless style. Break up the dark tone of the suit with a crisp white dinner shirt; bib detailing is essential. Accessorise with a bow tie and pocket square combination. Footwear wise, you can’t go wrong with classic black patent leather. Suede loafers or boat shoes are a bolder option but definitely worth considering

StyleSaute tuxedo onlineLook Two: Tuxedo Stylish

Mix up this formalwear favourite by opting for a bold coloured version, sharp accessories and dandy footwear. A burgundy tuxedo is a solid option, Keep the shirt nice, simple and, above all, plain white. Just be wary not to clash your suit with the tie; it’s all about understanding basic colour principles.

StyleSaute formal blazer shop onlineLook Three: Tuxedo Smart-Casual

With the classic formal approach out of the way, its time to focus on dressing down your tuxedo. Check out the options below to see how a formal Tuxedo can be converted into smart casuals, effortlessly!

Stylesaute blazer shop onlineFinal Word: Men, always remember that the top half of your Tuxedo outfit should reveal more about you as a man than any other ensemble. However you wear your jacket, whether traditionally or in a modern way, just ensure that the essence of the black tie remains.

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