The Girlfriend Effect?

Socks with sandals, Red & Green Stripes and Stone washed Denims are the main culprits! Woah! We all have some UN-fashionable SINFUL pieces!

Lets begin with a fact- a whooping 72% of women think there is a “room for improvement” in their partner’s wardrobe!! And almost one fourth have taken steps to ‘remove’ the most offensive clothes permanently! 😉 So, tell us, has it happened with you, too??

More-over in an attempt to “set right” their man’s sartorial choices, many Indian WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) end up buying more than 40% of their partner’s wardrobe! <really!!> And now this practice of ‘re-branding’ their men has been called the “Girlfriend Effect”. We credit coining of this term to one of our motivator MALE-friend, SVS. 😉

Now, since we’ve talked about it, we couldn’t help but sharing this photo of “Before” and “After” Victoria Beckham has had the Girlfriend Effect on the sultry footballer- David.

David "BEFORE" Girlfriend Effect

David “BEFORE” Girlfriend Effect

See how sloppy long haired David is transformed to the super chic David Beckham ‘after’….

David “AFTER” Girlfriend Effect

😀 Let us know what you think of this post at the bottom here..

Well, Have you gotten better after “Girlfriend effect”?

Hoping for More??

Hoping for More??

Get YOUR girlfriend effect into place by emailing us at and get awesome-fied by receiving style tips and handpicked fashion personally for you. 🙂




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