MEN, are You Valentine Victims?

We are wondering how Men ever became these Victims?

How did the day of Valentines, from being a Celebration of love went onto becoming an “Obliged Expression” of love, where Men started to becoming victimized by Demands for roses, Requests for Hugs, Obligation to send Chocolates, Pressurized to Propose, Stifled to send Teddy Bears and Pushed to Promise??

Seven days of the week and all prompted towards Men..? Are Men supposed to do everything it takes in a relationship?

Are they the torch bearers of love, and Manli-ness and Initiative? And women get to enjoy everything without moving an inch of ar@e! It pretty much sounds like our Styling-Service where Men don’t get to move an inch of ar@e ;-)!

But seriously, we are wondering whether how did this happen? How celebrating Valentine slowly became a symbol of having a Heart and being a man, and how having a heart in a Man is now comparable to having balls to Love? Is having enough balls the new symbol of having a brave heart? Do men now need balls to love?

So yes, lets face it. Valentines is lovely no more! Valentines is wonderful no more!

We found this short comic strip from The Oatmeal who make funny cards and graphics, and thought we’ll share this with you! 😉 See what commoners like You and Us think of Valentines now.Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

😉 Hope you enjoyed our Take on Valentine’s 2013!

Share the funny story with your friends if you want to! 🙂



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