Sweaty Indian Monsoon Dressing

Being a dapper could mean wearing too good clothes for too dirty a season- in that case, Monsoons! 😉 we know how it feels when we step out in our creased and ankle folded white pants with a fresh color on our linen shirt, and ahoy! comes the splash of muddy water as soon as we step out of the car! :-0 There goes our special edition shoes and with those, our moods! 😛

Does it sound familiar to you?

If it does, then read right ahead to see how you can elevate your style this monsoons by just mixing up pieces from your wardrobe!

  1. Check out for a rubberized sole. Or, a pair of washable canvas with a non slippery sole.

Now, we are not saying that you must own a pair of crocs or cloggy styled ugly looking shoes that protect you from mud, water and rain!

We’d love for you to make a stylish choice like this one below.


2. Get a bright color on yourself!

See if you have a fresh color of a shirt in your wardrobe. Imagine peppy greens, lemony yellows, blazing blues and subtle pinks.

These colors team well with any neutral shaded bottom; but if you feel a little brighter than usual, then think of 2 adventurous colors and team them up!

Pro Style Tip: keep the Accessories minimal.

Again, much love to you all!

Let us know how you feel about today’s post, and write into us if you need some style-lovin’




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