5 Flaws that make you SEX-ier.

A lot many times, we (you and me!) feel out of place. We don’t fit in social gatherings and endless hellos that our counterpart females can say, our work ethic seems a bit off and we like minding our own business, our sense of humour is dry and many a times itching-ly sarcastic. 😉

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What the heck. Nobody’s perfect!

Yes, we’re all flawed. But do you know, some Flaws could be Sexy.

1. Quirky: Many men have their own quirky style of parting their hair, styling their beard etc. Some fold their sleeves just above the elbow and some do it below. Whatever quirk you’ve got, just keep it going because it is nothing but plain personality

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What’s your Quirk?

2. Obsessed: Women are more dedicated workers but Men are more obsessed with what happens in their work life, says a behavioral research done in Gurgaon. Well, any kind of obsession is SEXY including the obsession for work, love and money.

3. High Strung: Women are such under abusers 😉 whereas, men like to be in power. A powerful tongue, a powerful approach and a stressful day at work sometimes leaves them high strung. Least to say, we love some Men who are just what they are. 😉

4. Introverted: Ohh, the Reticent Man. ohh alright! Who doesn’t love a man who speaks sparingly. Introverts have their own way of life and their own terms of conversation. Most of the times, introverted Men just look sexier than the rest.

5. CRAZY: Keep us on our toes, and we’d love you for that. Lot of crazy and a shot of weird, just puts you many notches higher than the rest of malekind!


Real Question: I’m straight out of College and have got a brand new job. What bare minimums should I buy for Work?

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Here’s what to buy, and the order to buy it in. I’m aiming for value here, so this will run you well under Rs 20k all told, and you’ll have the pieces for about 15 different outfits.

  1. 1x brown oxford or blucher shoes.  A lightly-used pair of brogues, lace up brown shoes from Woods or Aldo or Zara should do it for you. Steve Madden can be extremely attractive but expensive.
  2. 3x oxford shirts. One white, one blue, one with a simple pattern. Look for BlackBerrys, UCB, Allen Solly, TopShop, F&O, American Apparel.
  3. 2x Chinos. Go to ZARA and Benetton again.
  4. 1x Navy blazer. Jackets are very difficult to fit, so you’re best off buying in a store. H&M, ASOS, Van Heusen, Louis Phillipe could be your good bets.
  5. 1x GOOD jeans.  Gap Selvage in classic or slim cut can be looked into.  Levi’s 514 are also a good choice.  As dark a wash as possible, without any “distressed” details or extraneous pockets.
  6. Grey v-neck sweater or cardigan. Look only in international brands as none of the Indian brands actually sell one!
  7. Accessories: Stick to solid ties in grey, navy, and burgundy. Keep your jewelry to a 2 piece MAXIMUM. Watches count as jewelry. Go for collar stays, belts from Hidesign and Hugo Boss accessories. Calvin Klein metals can be tried.
  8. Another pair of shoes (black)
  9. Another jacket (grey)

If you need assistance in any way, you can always write to fashionbible@stylesaute.com or shruti@stylesaute.com



Men: SIX absolutely “OUT OF STYLE” trends you should phase out of your wardrobe NOW!

1. Square-toe Shoes

If you’re only going to ditch one of the items on the list, make it this. Nothing screams late 90′s more than this flat-footed and so antequated, square dress shoes. Opt for the sexy narrow tipped brogues like these brown one instead, so very available at Aldo and Woodlands in India!

stylesaute square toe

stylesaute square toe

2. Wrap Around Sunglasses

Some sunglasses are timeless, or come and go frequently, like the Aviators, Wayfarers or ClubMasters, but these hideous wrap around sunglasses from the 1990s just gotta go, dude! Opt for these  Ray Bans instead!

Stylesaute raybans

Stylesaute raybans

3.Half Sneaker Shoes

Somewhere stuck in the middle are the semi-sneaker and semi-square tipped shoes like these. These  Grand-dad style shoes might be close to your grand-dad’s heart but definitely not ours. Let this pair go off your closet, sadly but truly. Demise of an era, it is. Instead try these super-classy desert shoes, called “Chukka Boots” in brown from ASOS. They go well with almost every jeans and can look fierce and cute both!

StyleSaute Chukka Boots

StyleSaute Chukka Boots

4. Baggy Cargo Shorts

Baggy cargo shorts, made infamous by Abercrombie & Fitch had their time, but like many things these days, the look is trimmer and more fitted. Pick up some flat front shorts from United Colors of Benetton anywhere or from our Myntra, or Join now at signup.stylesaute.com and we’ll create a ‘sexy shorts & Polos’ look for you.

StyleSaute's Slim Shorts

StyleSaute’s Slim Shorts

5. Muffin top aka LOOSE-shirts

Guys, please believe the girls when they give your loosely loose shirts those disparagingly angled looks cuz nothing looks worse than a muffin top and blousy sleeves. It’s time to lay your hands on the new cuts available at many Mens formal wear brands go by names like slim cut, tailored fit, modern fit, and athletic fit. Try your hands here or drop us an email at Shruti@stylesaute.com and she’ll buy one for you in your size and favorite color! 🙂

StyleSaute's Muffin top shirts!

StyleSaute’s Muffin top shirts!

6. Really wide clown ties

The skinnier your tie, the less formal it becomes, so if you’re trying to rock the casual tie, pick one that’s looks the slimmest in your wardrobe, but Wide Ties also gotta go man! They should’ve gone-long long ago, but we’re still here writing about it! On the best bet, your tie should ideally measure 3 inches or less at its widest point, and even then, it’s pretty freakin’ wide! Try something again from Myntra here

StyleSaute's Slim Ties

StyleSaute’s Slim Ties

If you want to know more what you should be throwing out and buying in, drop us an email to our Lead Stylist- shruti@stylesaute.com