5 Flaws that make you SEX-ier.

A lot many times, we (you and me!) feel out of place. We don’t fit in social gatherings and endless hellos that our counterpart females can say, our work ethic seems a bit off and we like minding our own business, our sense of humour is dry and many a times itching-ly sarcastic. 😉

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What the heck. Nobody’s perfect!

Yes, we’re all flawed. But do you know, some Flaws could be Sexy.

1. Quirky: Many men have their own quirky style of parting their hair, styling their beard etc. Some fold their sleeves just above the elbow and some do it below. Whatever quirk you’ve got, just keep it going because it is nothing but plain personality

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What’s your Quirk?

2. Obsessed: Women are more dedicated workers but Men are more obsessed with what happens in their work life, says a behavioral research done in Gurgaon. Well, any kind of obsession is SEXY including the obsession for work, love and money.

3. High Strung: Women are such under abusers 😉 whereas, men like to be in power. A powerful tongue, a powerful approach and a stressful day at work sometimes leaves them high strung. Least to say, we love some Men who are just what they are. 😉

4. Introverted: Ohh, the Reticent Man. ohh alright! Who doesn’t love a man who speaks sparingly. Introverts have their own way of life and their own terms of conversation. Most of the times, introverted Men just look sexier than the rest.

5. CRAZY: Keep us on our toes, and we’d love you for that. Lot of crazy and a shot of weird, just puts you many notches higher than the rest of malekind!


The ULTIMATE Guide to Looking Sharp: Blackberrys!

We know how it is at Work. Many deadlines, some stress, some fun and definitely a lot of Style if you read StyleSaute’s blog often 😉

Now, you know how we just love the word ‘random’ and ‘abrupt’ so here it is an interview of one of our favorite brands- Blackberrys! We may be a bit Random, cuz thats how Style always is, 😉 but Blackberrys is one home grown brand that we’re proud of and love for its Structure, for a change 🙂 We love the Sharp-ness and the Power BB shirts come with. So read below and see what a few top shots at the brand are talking!

1. What are the most famous fits from Blackberrys and Why?

Slim fits. In trousers, our B90 fit which is low waist, slim fit has been the most popular fit. Needless to say, in all things fashion, it’s the slim silhouette which has been ruling. 
Your Stylist can help you look Sharp.

Your Stylist can help you look Sharp.

2. what occasions do your customers buy Blackberrys for?
Blackberrys stands for the dressed up look across ALL occasions. A complete wardrobe solution can be found here.
3. How do you describe the mood of your average Blackberrys customer?

Young, go getter, fashion conscious and willing to experiment.

Someone who is individualistic and adds his own twist to his ensemble.
This requires a mindset which is fashion aware, willing to take risks and the confidence/ ability to carry it off well.
how to look slimmer men

Slims & Chinos for Men

4. Any style tips you’d want to share for men who are slightly round on the belly?

Our website, facebook and twitter community has some interesting dressing up FAQs and latest fashion advice. 

We got speaking with Aparajita Biala, a super hot marketer and a Woman-in-standing 😀 at BBs and this is how it looked-

1. Your Favorite place: By far, my recent favorites have been its been my window seat at home, mountains: the summit of kedar dome ( 22410 ft ) and Island peak (20,100 ft ), river walk by thames, London.

2. Your fave style heaven in India for men: Blackberrys J

3. What from Blackberry’s range would you choose to buy for your spouse: I think I would pick up pretty much everything; but the top 2 would be – the bandgala jacket, which accentuates the ‘V’ of a man. And well, ofcourse, one can never get enough of a man in a crisp white shirt.

Band Gala suits for men, bandh gala suit for men

Blackberrys Band-Gala is just so Chic

4. Do you help your spouse do his shopping? How frequently: I’m sure I would, if I did had a spouse. I would imagine, it would be all the time! J

5. Your spouse’s fave brand: Can’t answer that one, I’d have to imagine Blackberrys will have to be up there for him

6. Your fave mens’ brand apart from Blackberrys: Paul Smith is an interesting brand – quirk and humour matched with classics. 

7. Your fave mens fashion blog! 🙂

There aren’t too many in mens fashion blogger domain in India unfortunately. However, I’ve been following StyleSaute off late and think it has great potential.

Some of the other portals I follow are thesartorialist, GQ, styledotcom amongst many others.

Well, that was some insight. Glad to know we’re on the list with GQ! 😀

And, thank you Aparajita for letting us know your favorites across Travel, Clothing and more but I guess we’ve interested our readers enough on other important aspects of BlackBerrys and your life! 😉 Hope ONLY Sharp Men were listening!

So, you know if you want to look SHARP-er and dont know where to begin, you just need to sign up on http://signup.stylesaute.com/ or email it to me at shruti@stylesaute.com


Too Casual? Not good for your Image!

Here are a few tips on how to dress sharp and to roll-it-like-the-boss at Office.

Now understand please, that these are elementary and many of you might not benefit heavily from the advice but readers who believe that a tee & a slipper looks super-cool on a 30 year old, I must tell you that it doesn’t! 😉 and it’s time you started dressing fashionably at like your age.

Street-Rocker at 30? Not Cool, anymore!

Street-Rocker at 30? Not Cool, anymore!

Some Basic Things to Remember when you’re trying to change your image from ‘Street-rocker’ to “Serious Professional”

Look professional if you want people to take you 'Seriously'.

Look professional if you want people to take you ‘Seriously’.

  • Switch to collared shirts from Tees.
  • Wear Pants/Pleated Trousers other than just blue jeans  (Wear khakis, dress pants, etc)
  • Shave your beard everyday, Keep a clean haircut
  • Stop wearing tshirts with words on them! 😀
  • Wear brown and blue socks – always choose darker color tones than your pants
  • Wear shoes more often than you wear sneakers… and make sure they look good.
  • Match your belt to your shoes
  • Buy a formal laptop bag and stop carrying that Reebok backpack to work.
  • Get a watch that isn’t digital!
  • Gingham. Trust me
  • Change your glass-rims from colored to “Black”
  • Don’t put an item of clothing on unless it is clean and Iron-ed!
  • Limit your use of shorts to a stroll at the market!
  • Start practicing speaking in one-line without using too many “kinda”, “like”, “You know what!” and slangs.
Know what is IN and What will Suit "You!"

Know what is IN and What will Suit “You!”

You know what to do when you feel short of recommendation on What to Wear. Shruti@stylesaute.com can be your friend in distress. 🙂

Focus: Style Resolution for 2013

As regular readers of this site, I assume there is a certain level of trust between us that allows you to follow our advice and suggestions without really having to worry that we’re sending you down the wrong path.

Here are our Personal New Year’s Style Resolutions-

1. Purchase Some Chelsea Boots:   An easy pair of shoes, we’ll wear them with indigo jeans, any number of Oxford or plaid shirts and polos. A great addition to any man’s wardrobe.

Chelsea Boots for 2013

Chelsea Boots for 2013. StyleSaute can help you find your perfect pair.

2. Buy Some Trainers:   Yes, we love them. We will be wearing them with skinny jeans, varsity jacket or plaid overshirt and tees. Nothing crazy, nothing difficult! Just comfortable and casual and a bit more fashionable than usual. Yes.

Trainers- Casual and Classy. 2013, here I am.

Trainers- Casual and Classy. 2013, here I am.

3. Invest In My First Leather:   Leather jacket is the kind of thing that will stay with you for years and years and will only get better with age, eventually becoming totally unique to you. And, when we finally discover our perfect leather jacket, we’ll be wearing it with jeans, plain tees and desert boots, or maybe even Chelsea boots (if we’ve found them by then). Sanjeev gives a <sigh> 😉

Leather Jacket is like a Soul-Mate. It'll stay with you for years and is UNIQUE to you! StyleSaute can help 'You' find it.

Leather Jacket is like a Soul-Mate. It’ll stay with you for years and is UNIQUE to you! StyleSaute can help ‘You’ find it.

The Girlfriend Effect?

Socks with sandals, Red & Green Stripes and Stone washed Denims are the main culprits! Woah! We all have some UN-fashionable SINFUL pieces!

Lets begin with a fact- a whooping 72% of women think there is a “room for improvement” in their partner’s wardrobe!! And almost one fourth have taken steps to ‘remove’ the most offensive clothes permanently! 😉 So, tell us, has it happened with you, too??

More-over in an attempt to “set right” their man’s sartorial choices, many Indian WAGs (Wives and Girlfriends) end up buying more than 40% of their partner’s wardrobe! <really!!> And now this practice of ‘re-branding’ their men has been called the “Girlfriend Effect”. We credit coining of this term to one of our motivator MALE-friend, SVS. 😉

Now, since we’ve talked about it, we couldn’t help but sharing this photo of “Before” and “After” Victoria Beckham has had the Girlfriend Effect on the sultry footballer- David.

David "BEFORE" Girlfriend Effect

David “BEFORE” Girlfriend Effect

See how sloppy long haired David is transformed to the super chic David Beckham ‘after’….

David “AFTER” Girlfriend Effect

😀 Let us know what you think of this post at the bottom here..

Well, Have you gotten better after “Girlfriend effect”?

Hoping for More??

Hoping for More??

Get YOUR girlfriend effect into place by emailing us at fashionbible@stylesaute.com and get awesome-fied by receiving style tips and handpicked fashion personally for you. 🙂



Real Question: I’m straight out of College and have got a brand new job. What bare minimums should I buy for Work?

mens work wardrobe

Here’s what to buy, and the order to buy it in. I’m aiming for value here, so this will run you well under Rs 20k all told, and you’ll have the pieces for about 15 different outfits.

  1. 1x brown oxford or blucher shoes.  A lightly-used pair of brogues, lace up brown shoes from Woods or Aldo or Zara should do it for you. Steve Madden can be extremely attractive but expensive.
  2. 3x oxford shirts. One white, one blue, one with a simple pattern. Look for BlackBerrys, UCB, Allen Solly, TopShop, F&O, American Apparel.
  3. 2x Chinos. Go to ZARA and Benetton again.
  4. 1x Navy blazer. Jackets are very difficult to fit, so you’re best off buying in a store. H&M, ASOS, Van Heusen, Louis Phillipe could be your good bets.
  5. 1x GOOD jeans.  Gap Selvage in classic or slim cut can be looked into.  Levi’s 514 are also a good choice.  As dark a wash as possible, without any “distressed” details or extraneous pockets.
  6. Grey v-neck sweater or cardigan. Look only in international brands as none of the Indian brands actually sell one!
  7. Accessories: Stick to solid ties in grey, navy, and burgundy. Keep your jewelry to a 2 piece MAXIMUM. Watches count as jewelry. Go for collar stays, belts from Hidesign and Hugo Boss accessories. Calvin Klein metals can be tried.
  8. Another pair of shoes (black)
  9. Another jacket (grey)

If you need assistance in any way, you can always write to fashionbible@stylesaute.com or shruti@stylesaute.com




Our male stylist, Rahul-  has a confession to make.  Here he goes-

Rahul: Pictures scare me. In fact, I hate them. It’s mostly because I think I’m outrageously unphotogenic. And though I am hopeful (and, at least, occasionally told) that I look better in person, seeing my snapshot on my driver’s license always makes me cringe.

But it turns out, with a little preparation, I think I may have found salvation, and I am hopeful that this recipe will make many men take a good, or at least a better 😉 passport photo

Shave right for a good photo!

Shave right for a good photo-StyleSaute’s Tip.

1. Lather up

A grumpy looking face doesnt get many lovers- StyleSaute’s Tip

Rolling out of bed isn’t exactly the way to put your best face forward. Take a shower and give yourself a nice, clean shave. If you sport some sort of scruff, feel free to keep it. Just make sure it’s trim and tidy.

2. Sane your Mane

Treat yourself to a haircut about a week before picture day. You’ll still be fresh, but a few days worth of growth will keep you from looking like you tried too hard, or were shorn 5 minutes ago.
Slick hair makes you look cleaner- StyleSaute's Tip.
3. Sport simple SolidsChecks, plaids and stripes — they’re too playful for the all-business kind shots. Stick to solid colors that are dark enough to contrast with the background.  Solids always make your complexion look brighter. Colors particularly anything red, orange or yellow — can highlight imperfections in your skin. Cooler colors in the blue family genrally offer good pictures.
4. Don’t go looking too boring, or too fashionableRemember: A passport photo follows you for a few months, or years. Although you may be thinking that a crewneck tee is your best bet, but it’s far too informal. Go for a button-down shirt in a solid color and you wont risk looking like a rookie for the time to come.

5. Decide your Pose

The truth is, most of us rarely take a head-on, face-only photo in everyday life. So, sit in front of a mirror for a minute and find your best shot. It should only take a minute to find your best pose and will get you mentally ready.

Decide your Pose & Smile- StyleSaute's Tip


6. Catch some Zs

Sleep for at least eight hours the night before to lighten the load under your eyes.

7. Pick the right time

If you’re getting clicked in the morning we’d say it’s the best time you can choose. If you’re choosing the evening to get clicked, make sure you dont feel tired or disheveled after a full day’s work.

Morning Shots come the best- StyleSaute's Tip

Morning Shots come the best- StyleSaute’s Tip

Following at least a few of these tips should kick the quality of your pics up a few notches. Then again, if all else fails, it’s only a passport photo.

Looking for nice fitted shirts to wear for your passport photo? Drop us an email at shruti@stylesaute.com, or call us at +91 88828 30882 for a Free Fashion Bible!