Scorching Summers 2014: What to Wear?

The Objective: To feel cool in cool fabrics while keeping the Style Quotient high.
The Method: StyleSaute helps suggest the Right Color/Style/Fabric for the Scorching Summers ’14.

1. The Trial & HIT!

Amazingly cool-feeling and cool-looking Denim Shirts are just one piece of clothing that can Almost Always make Indian Men look so very sexy.

Latest summer fashion for men

This H&M Button Down Denim Shirt is going to stay on our minds for-ever!

2. This Amazing Fragile-looking Fabric in Translucent White

White is a color that never, read NEVER goes out of Fashion and this is one big fact that almost all Hot Italian Chicos swear by it. 😉 Read again, Swear-by-it. We see no rhyme or reason why we shouldn’t swoon on this color & fabric combination in our Indian Summers!

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The Swear-By-It Linen Fashion for Men

3. Fine Foldable Multi-way Prints

Sometimes the mornings are so hot that you may feel like wearing a sweat-tee instead of a formal shirt! Fine Print Shirts can come to your rescue by cleverly hiding those little crease marks, or sweat patches or just a lousy ironing after-effect by the virtue of a fading in-out print like the one below.

It also becomes a great choice as it can look equally fashionable when the arms aren’t folded & vice-versa.

Fashionable Multi-way Printed Shirts for Men

Fashionable Multi-way Printed Shirts for Men

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Floral Prints: The HOTTEST Possible Mens’ Style Trend for 2014

There is not a single fashionable soul in Delhi who thinks Floral Print don’t look SUPER HOT on Indian Men. We tried to get in touch with a few stylish people an caught them off-guard with their opinions on the Trend of ‘FLORAL‘ and how they think Indian Men “Just Rock It!” 😀

A Great Mens' Floral Blazer for Summers of 2014

A Great Mens’ Floral Blazer for Summers of 2014

Eeisha, South Delhi: “I thik, Indian Mens’ skin is naturally dusky and sheeny, and that compliments the various colors in a typical floral print! I love’em!”

Kriya Patel, Gurgaon: “Indian men have always been shy of wearing daring colors or bright prints, as they’re generally afraid of looking over-fashionable but then Floral Prints for Men really do that trick of perfect balance! Great prints when combined with Cool background colors makes the whole piece come out alive and buzzing. My Advice- Wear them as Shirts & Blazers ONLY! 😀

Sanjeev Gurung, Chandigarh: “Cool prints are already very popular with us Punjabis, so I guess we can easily pick this trend up. Who doesn’t love a fashionably dressed guy?”

Parineeta, Delhi: ” I’m always up for watching guys up and close, and what they wear on the upper part of their bodies generally catches my eye for good. I love men who experiment with their shirts!! Afterall, it’s one thing that has always been pretty boring since years.

A great Patch-Pocket Floral Print Black-n-white Shirt!

A great Patch-Pocket Floral Print Black-n-white Shirt!

Over all the above comments, which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Style Fashionable!

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