Real Question: I’m straight out of College and have got a brand new job. What bare minimums should I buy for Work?

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Here’s what to buy, and the order to buy it in. I’m aiming for value here, so this will run you well under Rs 20k all told, and you’ll have the pieces for about 15 different outfits.

  1. 1x brown oxford or blucher shoes.  A lightly-used pair of brogues, lace up brown shoes from Woods or Aldo or Zara should do it for you. Steve Madden can be extremely attractive but expensive.
  2. 3x oxford shirts. One white, one blue, one with a simple pattern. Look for BlackBerrys, UCB, Allen Solly, TopShop, F&O, American Apparel.
  3. 2x Chinos. Go to ZARA and Benetton again.
  4. 1x Navy blazer. Jackets are very difficult to fit, so you’re best off buying in a store. H&M, ASOS, Van Heusen, Louis Phillipe could be your good bets.
  5. 1x GOOD jeans.  Gap Selvage in classic or slim cut can be looked into.  Levi’s 514 are also a good choice.  As dark a wash as possible, without any “distressed” details or extraneous pockets.
  6. Grey v-neck sweater or cardigan. Look only in international brands as none of the Indian brands actually sell one!
  7. Accessories: Stick to solid ties in grey, navy, and burgundy. Keep your jewelry to a 2 piece MAXIMUM. Watches count as jewelry. Go for collar stays, belts from Hidesign and Hugo Boss accessories. Calvin Klein metals can be tried.
  8. Another pair of shoes (black)
  9. Another jacket (grey)

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Men, TAME the Tuxedo.

Look One: Traditional Tuxedo

A black tuxedo jacket paired with accompanying trousers is an example of sleek, timeless style. Break up the dark tone of the suit with a crisp white dinner shirt; bib detailing is essential. Accessorise with a bow tie and pocket square combination. Footwear wise, you can’t go wrong with classic black patent leather. Suede loafers or boat shoes are a bolder option but definitely worth considering

StyleSaute tuxedo onlineLook Two: Tuxedo Stylish

Mix up this formalwear favourite by opting for a bold coloured version, sharp accessories and dandy footwear. A burgundy tuxedo is a solid option, Keep the shirt nice, simple and, above all, plain white. Just be wary not to clash your suit with the tie; it’s all about understanding basic colour principles.

StyleSaute formal blazer shop onlineLook Three: Tuxedo Smart-Casual

With the classic formal approach out of the way, its time to focus on dressing down your tuxedo. Check out the options below to see how a formal Tuxedo can be converted into smart casuals, effortlessly!

Stylesaute blazer shop onlineFinal Word: Men, always remember that the top half of your Tuxedo outfit should reveal more about you as a man than any other ensemble. However you wear your jacket, whether traditionally or in a modern way, just ensure that the essence of the black tie remains.

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