Is coloring cool for Men: Myths & Facts around Mens’ Hair

Crazy Saturday morning with Wella Bloggers Meet, at Select City Walk, Delhi!
And, being the lead StYLIST at StyleSaute has advantages of its own!As you’re already aware of the practical problems that we solve for Indian men here, you’d be excited to see what we reveal in this new blog today.hairstyles-for-indian-boys-21

We sure wouldn’t endorse a product that we don’t genuinely love, but we are so impressed by what Wella offers that we definitely want to put the experience online as soon as possible.

What caught our attention was one of the Key note speakers Maria, who is an R&D expert at Hair color and science technology at WellaProfessionals. She had flown in from Germany, especially for the Bloggers Meet today. Now as much we love talking about men’s style, we are also cautiously aware of what an odd hair color could do to a man’s sane mane. All that Ammonia could do some serious damage to anyone’s hair!

As you’ve already read our numerous takes on, How we think Indian Men should style their hair daily, in a party, or when they’ve got a wedding to attend, however today a lot of our hair myths were busted, for good. 🙂

Stressing on the importance of a good hair color, Wella busted a few myths like

1. Ammonia isn’t really that bad!

It’s actually MEA that’s worse than Ammonia, as it not only is the main culprit behind Hair Damage but is also the main factor for that awful color stink!

2. Hair Color accelerates Greying!

The truth behind Wella is, that it has nothing to do with premature Greying OR hair fall! Hair fall happens due to inappropriate nutrition, is genetic or is a result of microbial attack on the scalp.

3. Hair color damages hair

The truth is that, every color, every treatment, every heat application, and infact every chemical that you apply on your scalp ends up damaging your hair. infact, the increasing chlorine and salt content In water also ends up damaging your hair! so why just blame the Hair Color, when you practically damage your hair every time you shampoo! :-0

Well, the only thing that Wella does is to beautifully color your hair, with minimum damage and hence providing a richer texture than the other brands. wella with its specially formulated color content is best suited for the Indian hair quality that is not as lustrous as the typical RedHeads or blondes.

Unveiling the beautiful hair colors, and the broad  range of hair shades, typically suited for the Indian hair that is rich black, deep  brown and more, we realized that Wella is a perfect fit for our hair type.

So don’t forget reading about our upcoming blog posts on the best mens’ hairstyles to sport, the best mens’ haircuts of 2019 and the best hair color suggestions for Indian Men, courtesy StyleSaute. Read my next post to follow more scoop!

Be Style Ready always!
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Love, Shruti


Stylish Winters: Formal Black Outfit for Men

February begins with a warm approach to harsh winters. The weather slowly moves to a cozier onset with temperatures fit for a stylish wardrobe change! This February, we want to tell you how to leave the cozy, chunky knits for cold windy weather behind and welcome warm stylish Blazers! 🙂

When we realized that the month of love was truly also the month of weddings, and how a few members wrote to us for help, we put our thinking caps on to figure out the just right mix of spice and style great for your needs and ofcourse, the wallet.

The Curious Case of “I have everything BLACK”

Do you own a pair of black trousers? And, a black Blazer or a coat?  If yes, then we need you to know that you’re already half way through! :- ) To make it better, we recommend-

  1. Checking the blazer and getting it fitted on shoulders, chest and other areas! Take it to a good tailor and get it custom-fitted.
  2. Check the trousers. Can you make it slimmer at the ends? Is it too tight, too loose or has iron-stains? TIP- If yes, then don’t bother to get it fitted. You need a new one! Choose the darkest black which looks richer than its predecessor.
  3. Keep the Blazer and Pants together and exact-match their colors. Thumbs-up, if they do. If they don’t, you need to replace either of them! (Write to us if you need help in choosing the right Black Blazer)
  4. Find a crisp white shirt. Absolutely plain. Preferably, new.
  5. Wear them together. Choose a striking color for a Pocket-square. Groom your hair and smile. Voila!
Formal Wedding outfit- All Black, black blazer, dark coat and white shirt with black trousers.

All Pepper, with a Dash of Salt.

Hope you like it!

Let us know. 🙂



3 ways to dress like a King: A Beautiful Lineage

Sometimes, some things in a man never change. Instead, they trickle down from his ancestors to his immediate family and then, to him.

We’re talking about things like heritage, culture and of course the feeling of pride. Ego- pride of family and pride of money is what we’ve seen not changing in a man of taste. Maybe we’re circling it back to the Man, the Saheb in Saheb Biwi aur Gangster returns, which had loads of ethnic fashion.

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One Word- Respect!

We stylists never leave an opportunity to spot mens’ fashion, be it anywhere- in the Hollywood, in real life or in the streets, but when it comes to off-beat Indian movies like the one we’re talking about, there’s nothing but respect! 😉

And, we thought of making it easy for Men, as we always do 😉 but here are the Top 3 ways to Dress like a King

1. Believe in Black

men sherwani, wedding dress for  men, sherwani, black suits, menswear, black suit, blacl velvet suit, mens kurta pyjama, bandh gala, band gala, designer suits, designer wedding suits

An All-Black Look is Powerful.

2. Use the Hair & Flair: A king-ly moustache with the royal Aviators is a die-for combination. Have a wedding to attend, and dont know how to keep your hair? 😉 we would say, stick with styling your Facial hair!

men sherwani, wedding dress for  men, sherwani, black suits, menswear, black suit, blacl velvet suit, mens kurta pyjama, bandh gala, band gala, designer suits, designer wedding suits

A King-ly Affair: Moustache!

Flaunt the moustache on a power outfit like this below-

men sherwani, wedding dress for  men, sherwani, black suits, menswear, black suit, blacl velvet suit, mens kurta pyjama, bandh gala, band gala, designer suits, designer wedding suits

Choose a Royal Color!

3.  UN-Match a Turban:  Nothing screams Style more than an effortlessly put outfit with an exceedingly chic Sherwani and a not so matching Turban.

men sherwani, wedding dress for  men, sherwani, black suits, menswear, black suit, blacl velvet suit, mens kurta pyjama, bandh gala, band gala, designer suits, designer wedding suits

UN-Match a Turban

Lest we say it, you must know that Cream is an excellent choice of color when it comes to dressing with a Turban, but the appropriate length and cut matters a lot on your personal style. Professional advice while choosing the finer details can save you a lot of money and can save you from wearing a not-so-great outfit!

men sherwani, wedding dress for  men, sherwani, black suits, menswear, black suit, blacl velvet suit, mens kurta pyjama, bandh gala, band gala, designer suits, designer wedding suits

Pair a Turban!

How did you like our take on King-ly Dressing? Let us know! 🙂 In the meanwhile, do become a member at StyleSaute to get Fashion Advice and Personal Shopping for yourself.

The ONLY 1 Way to be an Indian Saheb!

Remember the days when having a Moustache were such a symbol of manhood?

We can just remember the Heroes of the lore, who had a Deep Husky voice and wore those Pathani suits! I mean, watch those movies once and your definition of a man gets seriously Hit on the face 😉 Yes, those Dhotis, those Band Gala Kurtas and those Short Pathani suits were the way Men used to look like Men. <sigh> ….those old days!!

Moustache: The Symbol of man-hood

Moustache: The Symbol of man-hood 😉

But with all recent heroes like Abhay Deol, Salmaan and Irfaan Khan’s who have worn kurtas in their movies, we’re now so smitten by the casual mens’ KURTA, that we’re seriously looking forward to ‘Saheb Biwi aur Gangster returns’! Supposedly a lot of Manly-Men will be seen. 😀

Look like a True Indian Saheb in a Pathani!

Look like a True Indian Saheb in a Pathani!

What we are stuck on is, the Rustic look and the LINEN kurtas worn by leading men in the film. Got our hands on this poster above where Jimmy Shergill can’t look more of a Haryanvi land dealer who likes his Madam to ride his Bolero 😉 If you know what we mean!

Pathani Suits are BACK again!

Pathani Suits are BACK again!

It’s going to be such scorching summers that Linen will be a hit across all segments, formal or casual and we cant tell you how much sex appeal a rustic looking, linen Pathani Kurta brings!

An indo-western touch to a Pathani Kurta!

An indo-western touch to a Pathani Kurta!

Well, this one is an instant hit as world over STRIPES are going to be very fashionable this Summer! And, We’re totally buying this one for sure. 🙂 yay!

Band Gala Kurta for men

Band Gala Kurta for men

*Just what you need to look even Hotter in Summers*.

Undoubtedly the MOST superb looking neck style is the Band-Gala. Lest you didn’t notice, Aviators really do it for this Kurta 😉 and so do they do for Saif!

Saif Ali Khan in a true Pathani kurta

Saif Ali Khan in a true Pathani kurta

Well, if you guys are wondering “How” to style up your rustic Kurta, just remember these 3 things-

  1. Bring on your Aviators
  2. Comb your hair back and keep them stayed.
  3. Get your own Stylist to create your look here

Love, Shruti

Top 5 trends You’ve TOTALLY got to Steal from the OSCARS’13

When it comes to Men, it’s all about the Tuxedos, the Style and the Babes at the 2013 Oscars. Sifting through the images, we could see 5 definite trends that I’m sure will be sticking around for a while. Want to know what they are?

1. The Beard

Beards to Tuxedo, is, Whisky to Ice.

Beards to Tuxedo, is, Whisky to Ice 😉

Stubble's no Trouble anymore!

Stubble’s no Trouble on Tuxedo anymore!

Beards are suddenly so HOTT, Cool and SEXY, all three together! Beards and Tuxedos and Hot men are going to be our buzz words for a while now.

2. The 3-Piece Suit is BACK!

Does the 3-piece Suit make Bradley Cooper look Hotter than we imagine?

Does the 3-piece Suit make Bradley Cooper look Hotter than we imagine?

3. The Intricate, GOLDEN Button.

We're Digging the Gold Buttons on his Dress shirt

We’re Digging the Gold Buttons on his Dress shirt

4. The Prescription Glasses

Vicious Glasses on Mr. Michele Hazanavicius

Vicious Glasses on Mr. Michele Hazanavicius

Raybans have a new fad- the Prescription Glasses, well which has now been in the market since long, and Now worthy to be called PURE Fashion. And we’re loving the way everybody stylish in our team has got them and are sporting the Cat-print, the mosaic print power-less but very Powerful 😉 glasses!

5. The Shiny Skin for Clean-Shaven.

Tom Cruise flaunts the flawless skin at Oscars'13

Tom Cruise flaunts the flawless skin at Oscars’13

This is what we love about English Men. 😉 They slather some rich lotion on their freshly scrubbed skin and they’re ready to roll, but Indians are not far behind either. Ironically,  the Indian dusky skin, with a bit of sheen, is just the skin English women crave for!! 😉 Any more reasons you need, Men?

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WEDDING ALERT: So what’re you wearing, a Sherwani or Tuxedo?

A lot of times, our fellow members pop the same question to us like, “My brother’s getting married, what should I wear?

And then come the doubts like, “I want to wear something formal but not western”; “I want to leave the blazer to Cocktail party”; “Don’t want to wear a coat- it’s too common!”; “Shaadi is all about ethnic wear…I want to try something different”; “Should I try a Kurta pyjama or a sherwani but not very groom-like!”.

We get many questions and a spoon full of doubts that range even higher like, “Women can wear heels to look taller, but if we wear high sole shoes we only look weird. So, how to look taller at a wedding?”. And guys, yes, today we’re in a pensive mood 😉 and we are concerned only about 2 things today-

  1. Sherwani, and
  2. How to look Taller in a Sherwani 😉
wedding dress for men, wedding outfits for men

Sherwani makes most men look good. True Story.

Since you’re a guest so you don’t want to be shini-er than the groom I guess 😉 So, a stylish Sherwani or a great Kurta-pyjama or a great Kurta-Dhoti combination will not only make you look Different but also Chic.

(Yeah, so we’re a li’l objective today) And, here are some reasons to buy a Sherwani right away-

  1. It gives you natural length as the Kurta generally touches below your knees and gives you optically-illusive length
  2. Whatever design your Sherwani may be, the neck is generally a tapered placket, which makes your neck look slimmer and angular.
  3. You look warmer, friendlier and more approachable 😉 vis-à-vis a Suited man next to you!
  4. You break the convention of the Common by going traditional.
  5. It shows that you put some thought into your outfit and you’re smart not to be wearing a Blazer.
  6. The Juttis/ Mojaris for Men (worn together with a Sherwani) are a great relief to the eyes vis-à-vis the same old grey/black/brown shoes
mojaris for men, juttis for men

Many a royal men wear Mojaris with a Sherwani

OK. Now lets get you a Cheat-Sheet to look Taller

1. Opt for Sherwani with a tapered placket instead of a bandh Gala

bandh gala sherwani for men, bandh gala kurta pajama, nehru collar kurta for men, bandh gala sherwani for men

Sometimes a bad Bandh Gala leaves you Without a Neck 😉

2. Go for a readymade Dhoti,with a kurta so long that it stop at your knees. Churidaars look good too,just ensure that it doesn’t have too many rings at bottom.

groom wear, sherwani, marriage suits for men, designer wedding suits for men

A gorgeous Sherwani/Kurta likes a well fitted Churidaar

3. Opt for shinier/lighter color of the Churidaar than that of the Sherwani

4. Opt for smaller, wide-set prints on a Kurta than big block prints. Also choose lighter colors than darker ones like greys/browns etc.

This is something experimental but, Someone with height concerns, should try avoiding styles like these-

wedding groom suits for men, groom wear, traditional groom wear for men, wedding groom suits is about 4k

The dark color & Bad choice of Shoes stubs his height!

5. Lucknowi/Laknavi kurtas have a natural advantage as many a times, the chikankaari runs vertically, and hence the subtle length.

6. Focus on Kurtas that have embroidery stopping at the mid of your chest. It gives you more torso-area to keep the eyes fixed at the right areas of a Man 😉 we meant the ‘chest’!

7. Keep a Stole ALWAYS styled on one shoulder if you want to look taller. NEVER cross it on both as it cuts height

indian wedding suits for men, best wedding outfits for men, sherwani, wedding groom suits for men, groom wear, traditional groom wear for men, wedding groom suits

Men, a cross-styled Stole is NOT for you. Ever.

And last, Dhoti with a Sherwani is just so sexy that we cant deny but do NOT ever wear a Stole or a Dupatta alongLets keep something for women to protect their assets, shouldn’t we? 😉

Also, See how Mr Khan rolls it in Style with his many shades of Sherwanis.

Saif ali khan in sherwani, traditional kurta pyjama for men, wedding wear for men

Saif Ali Khan rocks this cream Sherwani.

Although we’ve said pretty much everything you’d like to know, but if you’ve got a wedding nearby, then you know where to sign up- and drop us an email at


WHAT?? SRK changes 4 suits in 15 secs in a Fairness Cream TVC!

Hahaa.. We NEVERRR knew that Shahrukh’s outfits were more important for Emami Fair & Handsome than the fairness cream itself in the TVC! 😉 Just wanted you guys to know this hilarious TVC, watch it here ( where SRK promotes a Fairness cream for men but the Ad shows a hell lot of his clothes rather than the cream 😀 especially the 4 sexy suits he changes into, and of course some hero-giri in between.

Now we aint braggin’ but if you liked what we liked here in the video at 0.08sec, we know of a better white blazer and we sure know where it is selling. So here’s how you can get a white blazer BETTER than SRK’s-zara, white blazer

I’m digging at SRK’s great leather jacket you can see at 0.19sec, and our suggestion of a BETTER one here-

Zara Leather Jacket

We know this is a classic Black suit, but if you like what you see here at 0.29 sec, this tuxedo we saw at a Men’s Brand could be yours. The beautiful lapel is just so classy! You just have to join the wagon at and we can help you fit into this one!

Louis Philippe Beautiful black balzer

Ok, so we also noticed this Grey suit at 0.56 sec, but we weren’t impressed… The fit is loose and could have been better. How do you like this one we found in a mall at Delhi? I’m a fan personally, because it’s raining weddings this December and ash grey is such a darling color! Louis Philippe Grey Blazer

🙂 Well well, if you’re looking for a quick style solution for what to wear for an Indian wedding, you know you can ping me at