Scorching Summers 2014: What to Wear?

The Objective: To feel cool in cool fabrics while keeping the Style Quotient high.
The Method: StyleSaute helps suggest the Right Color/Style/Fabric for the Scorching Summers ’14.

1. The Trial & HIT!

Amazingly cool-feeling and cool-looking Denim Shirts are just one piece of clothing that can Almost Always make Indian Men look so very sexy.

Latest summer fashion for men

This H&M Button Down Denim Shirt is going to stay on our minds for-ever!

2. This Amazing Fragile-looking Fabric in Translucent White

White is a color that never, read NEVER goes out of Fashion and this is one big fact that almost all Hot Italian Chicos swear by it. 😉 Read again, Swear-by-it. We see no rhyme or reason why we shouldn’t swoon on this color & fabric combination in our Indian Summers!

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The Swear-By-It Linen Fashion for Men

3. Fine Foldable Multi-way Prints

Sometimes the mornings are so hot that you may feel like wearing a sweat-tee instead of a formal shirt! Fine Print Shirts can come to your rescue by cleverly hiding those little crease marks, or sweat patches or just a lousy ironing after-effect by the virtue of a fading in-out print like the one below.

It also becomes a great choice as it can look equally fashionable when the arms aren’t folded & vice-versa.

Fashionable Multi-way Printed Shirts for Men

Fashionable Multi-way Printed Shirts for Men

Don’t forget to tell us how you liked this post ..! 🙂 Or if inspired, feel free to write to and we could help you buy similar fashion.


Love! xoxo


Fashion Fashion, on the wall; Who’s the coolest of them all?

Readers, you’ve heard of it and you know it by heart now, because cotton has its stories, yes it does. 😉 Cotton made in England, made in Egypt, the Pimas, the Gizas and the super fines! We’ve heard that cotton is a cool fabric and there’s enough cotton in the stores that you can almost spin into not one but many yarns 😉

Enough said, enough seen. And we hate to break it to you, but dear Sirs and darlings, take a stylist’s word for it that there’s nothing cooler than Linen here. Now that’s the beauty- beautiful things are rare and expensive. Linens are generally not freely available and only a couple of brands will store it. It’s a natural fabric however Linen’s texture doesn’t allow a snug fit, so you’ll always find them sewn a little wee bit loose.

Now to ask a Stylist the most pertinent question of all: How should you wear Linen?

Here are spilt the 3 golden rules to wearing Linen-

a. Structure is the KEY. Introduce Linen in a subtle way to your formal wardrobe. Pair a summery linen shirt with your structured trousers

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Linen: Structure is the Key

b. All-Linen is super hot. Team an all- linen look for extreme power. A similar shade here and there is a great idea as it will add length and visual interest in your outfit. Preferably, when it comes to ethnics, an All Linen look in same color will look great!

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All Linen Look is Powerful

c. Make it look sexy. We haven’t stressed any little on the fact that a great idea to turn around your wardrobe is to try a little ethnic sometimes. Pair a solid Linen (colored/nude/light) kurta with a jeans. Just sport sexy hair with the outfit and you’re a sex GOD. 😉

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Linen: Indo-western

Take our word for this and you’d have a Linen-ready wardrobe this Summers. If you need advice on which colors and style to wear according to your personality, then drop us an email at



The ONLY 1 Way to be an Indian Saheb!

Remember the days when having a Moustache were such a symbol of manhood?

We can just remember the Heroes of the lore, who had a Deep Husky voice and wore those Pathani suits! I mean, watch those movies once and your definition of a man gets seriously Hit on the face 😉 Yes, those Dhotis, those Band Gala Kurtas and those Short Pathani suits were the way Men used to look like Men. <sigh> ….those old days!!

Moustache: The Symbol of man-hood

Moustache: The Symbol of man-hood 😉

But with all recent heroes like Abhay Deol, Salmaan and Irfaan Khan’s who have worn kurtas in their movies, we’re now so smitten by the casual mens’ KURTA, that we’re seriously looking forward to ‘Saheb Biwi aur Gangster returns’! Supposedly a lot of Manly-Men will be seen. 😀

Look like a True Indian Saheb in a Pathani!

Look like a True Indian Saheb in a Pathani!

What we are stuck on is, the Rustic look and the LINEN kurtas worn by leading men in the film. Got our hands on this poster above where Jimmy Shergill can’t look more of a Haryanvi land dealer who likes his Madam to ride his Bolero 😉 If you know what we mean!

Pathani Suits are BACK again!

Pathani Suits are BACK again!

It’s going to be such scorching summers that Linen will be a hit across all segments, formal or casual and we cant tell you how much sex appeal a rustic looking, linen Pathani Kurta brings!

An indo-western touch to a Pathani Kurta!

An indo-western touch to a Pathani Kurta!

Well, this one is an instant hit as world over STRIPES are going to be very fashionable this Summer! And, We’re totally buying this one for sure. 🙂 yay!

Band Gala Kurta for men

Band Gala Kurta for men

*Just what you need to look even Hotter in Summers*.

Undoubtedly the MOST superb looking neck style is the Band-Gala. Lest you didn’t notice, Aviators really do it for this Kurta 😉 and so do they do for Saif!

Saif Ali Khan in a true Pathani kurta

Saif Ali Khan in a true Pathani kurta

Well, if you guys are wondering “How” to style up your rustic Kurta, just remember these 3 things-

  1. Bring on your Aviators
  2. Comb your hair back and keep them stayed.
  3. Get your own Stylist to create your look here

Love, Shruti

Life’s a Party: The ESSENTIALS of Casual Party dressing for Men

Now, it’s a Saturday and we all know tonight’s gonna be a good night 😉 but Men are so-o-oo full with work clothes, that you rarely find the right outfit when there’s a casual party calling at a friend’s terrace. I mean, you cant wear too jazzy or too white or too structured clothes cuz the party is on a Terrace, dude!!

So, coming back to the point when you know you have loads of work-wear like Shirts and a few blazers but NO casual stuff for a casual beer-party, but you still want to look good for all those ‘girls’-friends of your friends comin’ over, eh ;-). So, here is our best take on What to Wear to a Casual party.

A Denim Shirt is always handy.

A Denim Shirt is always handy.

Stripes never go out of fashion. Never for MEN.

Fitted Stripes & Chinos never make a Bad Casual.

Fitted Stripes & Chinos never make a Bad Casual.

Men, ur Beige Blazer works over-time!

 No more Designer suits! Just a men's Blazer will do.

No more Designer Suits! Just a Casual men’s Blazer will do.

And, if you don’t find ANYTHING to wear, just say us a Hello at +91 88828 30882 and we could give you a Skype Advice where you show us your wardrobe an we can Quickly suggest you What to Wear! 🙂 Isn’t that cool?




MEN, are You Valentine Victims?

We are wondering how Men ever became these Victims?

How did the day of Valentines, from being a Celebration of love went onto becoming an “Obliged Expression” of love, where Men started to becoming victimized by Demands for roses, Requests for Hugs, Obligation to send Chocolates, Pressurized to Propose, Stifled to send Teddy Bears and Pushed to Promise??

Seven days of the week and all prompted towards Men..? Are Men supposed to do everything it takes in a relationship?

Are they the torch bearers of love, and Manli-ness and Initiative? And women get to enjoy everything without moving an inch of ar@e! It pretty much sounds like our Styling-Service where Men don’t get to move an inch of ar@e ;-)!

But seriously, we are wondering whether how did this happen? How celebrating Valentine slowly became a symbol of having a Heart and being a man, and how having a heart in a Man is now comparable to having balls to Love? Is having enough balls the new symbol of having a brave heart? Do men now need balls to love?

So yes, lets face it. Valentines is lovely no more! Valentines is wonderful no more!

We found this short comic strip from The Oatmeal who make funny cards and graphics, and thought we’ll share this with you! 😉 See what commoners like You and Us think of Valentines now.Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

😉 Hope you enjoyed our Take on Valentine’s 2013!

Share the funny story with your friends if you want to! 🙂


Your Boss sucks! And so does his Sense of Fashion!

It’s time and again that we bump into our Bosses, and most of the times, we fashionable people end up talking about his BAD style of dressing! :-/ Not always in sarcasm, but sometimes in pity and sometimes in Mockery as well 😛

hahaha, infact, while we’re writing this, our fellow Stylist-Dev is animatedly talking about Girish, our Tech-Geek who is nicely built, tall and medium set and has a nice pair of back-knockers 😉 but still wears those God-forsaken Cargo pants !!!

And, there he goes today with his loose jeans with a SHINY (!!!) Blazer. 😦 Now, this is A pity. Why, Girish? <We hope he doesnt read our Blog as much as he does spend time on the website!)

Now, lets stop talking about Our Bosses and instead focus on some Bosses we’ve seen around! 😉 Go to these Gyms and the managers sit around with a great body and a chest to die for, but Alas! these young managers think showing off their moobs and cleavage is fashionable :-/ But darling readers, #Moobs Suck! and Male Cleavage Sucks bigger :-0 

Alright then, Guys. What we’re saying in a nutshell is, please DO NOT-

1. Wear Over-shiny Blazers. These Blazers are silvery-metallic-shiny-sparkly-satiny! Please Do NOT Buy them and if you did, then do NOT wear them! 😉

Shiny Blazers, party blazers, party wear for men, dress style for men

Too Shiny for my Eyes!

2. DON’T Wear Baggy pants, or Jeans that dont FIT you or Pants with multiple Pockets! This style is just NOT for 2013 and won’t come around soon anyways 😉

Stylesaute, style tips for men, mens tshirts

Noppity Noppity, No! Cargos are PAST, man!

casual shirts for men, casual wear for men

Saggies are Gone, Too. Weird :-/. Image Credit,!

3. DON’T Wear Too-Tight, Leather vests or Cleavage showing Shirts. Men, if you work out & you want the world to know 😉 then Tight Shirts are not the right way.

Clothes for guys, latest style for men

Working Out? You don’t ned to prove it like this, though! 😉

So, a CLEVER CHEAT SHEET for all of you on How to Spot Stylish Menswear ,

Men fashion tips, party wear for men

3 Things U Need: Life, Style & a Stylist. 😉

a. Find your Favorite Brands– Brands which fit you perfectly, which fall in your budget range and which speak your personal Style

b. Trust someone in the Business. It’s like, when you trust your friend who recently bought a Civic to guide you on which latest model to buy. Similarly, follow a Stylist or a Fashionable blogger you like, and trust his/her advice.

c. Experiment with Upmarket Brands once in a while. A lot of times, what you want to become is reflected by your clothes. Try including a high-power, high brand piece in your outfit to appear more powerful, more sophisticated at work.


Well, we are a bunch of stylists and we make Men look More Awesome! So, drop us an email at and Enjoy.

MEAN Machine: Jeans for Men

Miss Baker could bake a lot of cakes and Pies! 😉

carroll baker-playbpy, stylesaute
Miss Baker baked a lot of Pies, without trying hard at all

Said all the Bakers (Norma Jean Baker aka Marilyn Monroe & Carroll Baker, our hot Hollywood actress) once, that a

Man’s style is defined by the way he wears his Jeans. The way it fits on your back, and the way it swaggers with a man’s waist is a real mirror of how Stylish a Man is.

Well, going by what Miss Baker had to say, we thought of inspiring you with a few STYLE-STYLE-STYLE shots of Men in Jeans we have seen!

StyleSaute, fashion trends for men

Distress Jeans. A little hard, a little fragile. Ideal for Reckless Men of Style.

We have spoken about folded hems and how all types of Pants rock it. Read here

StyleSaute, fashion trends for men

Folded Hem. Ideal for Men of today who work hard & like to show off the shoes.

StyleSaute, fashion trends for men

Faded and Fitted. Ideal for a Man who travels.

White Jeans: Fit & Flexi. Ideal for a Man who lives hi-fashion and is fearless. A version of Siddharth Mallya.

White Jeans: Fit & Flexi. Ideal for a Man who’s hi-fashion and fearless. Someone like a Siddharth Mallya Version 2.0

StyleSaute, fashion trends for men

Washed & Scrubbed: Ideal for a Fashion forward Man.

StyleSaute, fashion trends for men

Leather Jeans? Ideal only for Models, tall and Skinny, who carpet walk in LA, NY!

And the last, a beautiful inspiration, for all our fellow readers! This Style is SO simple to get and much easier to flaunt and it absolutely suits our Indian complexion that Hollywood actors cry for a tan themselves 😀

An All denim Look, is something that any of you can have, but with a little direction! Enjoy below-

StyleSaute, fashion trends for men

ALL Denim- Perfect for EveryOne Indian. Yes. Find ur Shade of Blue and then speak nothing else.

Want to get your own All-Denim look? Write in to me at

Stay in Style