“I need me some tech”

While we’ve always loved watching somebody carrying our favorite piece of technology, and it’s a sure shot conversation starter but what better than seeing our favorite celebrity flaunt our fantasy! 😉

Well, there are brands we love and the tech we adore, but seeing it right out there on our fave celebs is a complete new thing!

Love a little bling on your tech? Well, this might give you some. Lil Wayne was spotted with these diamond studded Beats designed by Dr Dre.

Style technology, latest smartphones to buy under 10000

Beat it!

Second up is, Justin Timberlake. The man is not just up for technology lover kinda roles, but is an entrepreneur in real life! The musician turned actor is quite a Sean parker in real life as well, as it goes with his investments in Stipple, Myspace and many more!

Fashion and latest technology investments

Care for some tech, Sir?

Another tech fan, is Black Eyed Peas singer/rapper Will.i.am who was earlier appointed as Creative chief for teh semi conductor giant, Intel. He dabbled in some tech and made some moves for iphone cases and sm’more.

will.i.am loves sm' tech!

will.i.am loves sm’ tech!

This cutie patootie of an actor, is quite an actor and a serious technology investor. His company called the “A-grade investment” has invested in Skype, FourSquare and more, and the man himself has been an ex-Lenovo Product Engineer.



Yearn for some more celeb-technology love? 🙂

Share your comments below, on who do you think is your technology fashion inspiration, and Lucky ones might win a secret entry for a technology-event to happen in Delhi on August 6. 😀 Keep glued for more info!


The ULTIMATE Guide to Looking Sharp: Blackberrys!

We know how it is at Work. Many deadlines, some stress, some fun and definitely a lot of Style if you read StyleSaute’s blog often 😉

Now, you know how we just love the word ‘random’ and ‘abrupt’ so here it is an interview of one of our favorite brands- Blackberrys! We may be a bit Random, cuz thats how Style always is, 😉 but Blackberrys is one home grown brand that we’re proud of and love for its Structure, for a change 🙂 We love the Sharp-ness and the Power BB shirts come with. So read below and see what a few top shots at the brand are talking!

1. What are the most famous fits from Blackberrys and Why?

Slim fits. In trousers, our B90 fit which is low waist, slim fit has been the most popular fit. Needless to say, in all things fashion, it’s the slim silhouette which has been ruling. 
Your Stylist can help you look Sharp.

Your Stylist can help you look Sharp.

2. what occasions do your customers buy Blackberrys for?
Blackberrys stands for the dressed up look across ALL occasions. A complete wardrobe solution can be found here.
3. How do you describe the mood of your average Blackberrys customer?

Young, go getter, fashion conscious and willing to experiment.

Someone who is individualistic and adds his own twist to his ensemble.
This requires a mindset which is fashion aware, willing to take risks and the confidence/ ability to carry it off well.
how to look slimmer men

Slims & Chinos for Men

4. Any style tips you’d want to share for men who are slightly round on the belly?

Our website, facebook and twitter community has some interesting dressing up FAQs and latest fashion advice. 

We got speaking with Aparajita Biala, a super hot marketer and a Woman-in-standing 😀 at BBs and this is how it looked-

1. Your Favorite place: By far, my recent favorites have been its been my window seat at home, mountains: the summit of kedar dome ( 22410 ft ) and Island peak (20,100 ft ), river walk by thames, London.

2. Your fave style heaven in India for men: Blackberrys J

3. What from Blackberry’s range would you choose to buy for your spouse: I think I would pick up pretty much everything; but the top 2 would be – the bandgala jacket, which accentuates the ‘V’ of a man. And well, ofcourse, one can never get enough of a man in a crisp white shirt.

Band Gala suits for men, bandh gala suit for men

Blackberrys Band-Gala is just so Chic

4. Do you help your spouse do his shopping? How frequently: I’m sure I would, if I did had a spouse. I would imagine, it would be all the time! J

5. Your spouse’s fave brand: Can’t answer that one, I’d have to imagine Blackberrys will have to be up there for him

6. Your fave mens’ brand apart from Blackberrys: Paul Smith is an interesting brand – quirk and humour matched with classics. 

7. Your fave mens fashion blog! 🙂

There aren’t too many in mens fashion blogger domain in India unfortunately. However, I’ve been following StyleSaute off late and think it has great potential.

Some of the other portals I follow are thesartorialist, GQ, styledotcom amongst many others.

Well, that was some insight. Glad to know we’re on the list with GQ! 😀

And, thank you Aparajita for letting us know your favorites across Travel, Clothing and more but I guess we’ve interested our readers enough on other important aspects of BlackBerrys and your life! 😉 Hope ONLY Sharp Men were listening!

So, you know if you want to look SHARP-er and dont know where to begin, you just need to sign up on http://signup.stylesaute.com/ or email it to me at shruti@stylesaute.com