Why Dating isn’t that simple!

We at StyleSaute are considered experts at doling out style advice, like, What to Wear on your Coffee-Date VS What to Wear on a Dinner-Date, but we rarely get asked on how to seal the deal!

Last week, we were in rapt discussion with one of our customers on how he always got complimented on his dressing sense but that wasn’t leading to his favorite chick being interested in him.

So, naturally we asked a couple of well-dressed fashionable mortals on how do they do it. 🙂 And, below are the 3 tips to well mannered Dating:

  1. Arrive before time, and arrive prepared: Flowers are old fashioned but it almost always stokes hearts! Show up with a bunch of orange or pink roses and be sure of the Romantic date to follow.
  2. Talk about your hobbies: Indian Men are awfully proud of their success but shy away from opening up about their true personality. Show her what drives you, and what keeps you interested! Seeing someone talk about their passion and hobbies is a great way to knowing someone from the inside.
  3. Practice your signature move: We’ve all been there, having that aww-k-ward moment when you want to hug her but she moves forward to shake hands! Or, worse you’re a  feet away thinking you don’t want to be a creep whereas she wanted to lean in on a kiss! So, practicing your own closing line at the time of the Good-Bye, with your final-move is helpful!

Hope these tips are helpful when you go meet your Swipe-Right! 🙂

In the end, a well dressed man rarely stays un-noticed! 😀 Feel free to reach out if you would want us to dress you for that special occasion, however these styling options will work almost everytime you show up:

  1. A Neat Shave: Make sure you’re freshly trimmed or shaven when you meet her.Indian men style tips fashion latest
  2. A Well Ironed Coat, jacket or an Overcoat: Make sure lapels of your coat are well ironed and come with no stains!Smart_Casual_coat for men indian fashion.jpg
  3.  Clean hands: Yes, this! Never knew this could make so much of a difference, right? Well, when you;d hold that cup of coffee or the stem of the wine glass that you so hold, her gaze is going to rest at your fingernails and overall cleanliness of your hands!

clean hands indian men dating tips.jpg

Hope these tips are useful! Do let us know in the comments-section below if you have more topics to chat about!

Good Luck!


Sweaty Indian Monsoon Dressing

Being a dapper could mean wearing too good clothes for too dirty a season- in that case, Monsoons! 😉 we know how it feels when we step out in our creased and ankle folded white pants with a fresh color on our linen shirt, and ahoy! comes the splash of muddy water as soon as we step out of the car! :-0 There goes our special edition shoes and with those, our moods! 😛

Does it sound familiar to you?

If it does, then read right ahead to see how you can elevate your style this monsoons by just mixing up pieces from your wardrobe!

  1. Check out for a rubberized sole. Or, a pair of washable canvas with a non slippery sole.

Now, we are not saying that you must own a pair of crocs or cloggy styled ugly looking shoes that protect you from mud, water and rain!

We’d love for you to make a stylish choice like this one below.


2. Get a bright color on yourself!

See if you have a fresh color of a shirt in your wardrobe. Imagine peppy greens, lemony yellows, blazing blues and subtle pinks.

These colors team well with any neutral shaded bottom; but if you feel a little brighter than usual, then think of 2 adventurous colors and team them up!

Pro Style Tip: keep the Accessories minimal.

Again, much love to you all!

Let us know how you feel about today’s post, and write into us if you need some style-lovin’



“I need me some tech”

While we’ve always loved watching somebody carrying our favorite piece of technology, and it’s a sure shot conversation starter but what better than seeing our favorite celebrity flaunt our fantasy! 😉

Well, there are brands we love and the tech we adore, but seeing it right out there on our fave celebs is a complete new thing!

Love a little bling on your tech? Well, this might give you some. Lil Wayne was spotted with these diamond studded Beats designed by Dr Dre.

Style technology, latest smartphones to buy under 10000

Beat it!

Second up is, Justin Timberlake. The man is not just up for technology lover kinda roles, but is an entrepreneur in real life! The musician turned actor is quite a Sean parker in real life as well, as it goes with his investments in Stipple, Myspace and many more!

Fashion and latest technology investments

Care for some tech, Sir?

Another tech fan, is Black Eyed Peas singer/rapper Will.i.am who was earlier appointed as Creative chief for teh semi conductor giant, Intel. He dabbled in some tech and made some moves for iphone cases and sm’more.

will.i.am loves sm' tech!

will.i.am loves sm’ tech!

This cutie patootie of an actor, is quite an actor and a serious technology investor. His company called the “A-grade investment” has invested in Skype, FourSquare and more, and the man himself has been an ex-Lenovo Product Engineer.



Yearn for some more celeb-technology love? 🙂

Share your comments below, on who do you think is your technology fashion inspiration, and Lucky ones might win a secret entry for a technology-event to happen in Delhi on August 6. 😀 Keep glued for more info!

Stylish Winters: Formal Black Outfit for Men

February begins with a warm approach to harsh winters. The weather slowly moves to a cozier onset with temperatures fit for a stylish wardrobe change! This February, we want to tell you how to leave the cozy, chunky knits for cold windy weather behind and welcome warm stylish Blazers! 🙂

When we realized that the month of love was truly also the month of weddings, and how a few members wrote to us for help, we put our thinking caps on to figure out the just right mix of spice and style great for your needs and ofcourse, the wallet.

The Curious Case of “I have everything BLACK”

Do you own a pair of black trousers? And, a black Blazer or a coat?  If yes, then we need you to know that you’re already half way through! :- ) To make it better, we recommend-

  1. Checking the blazer and getting it fitted on shoulders, chest and other areas! Take it to a good tailor and get it custom-fitted.
  2. Check the trousers. Can you make it slimmer at the ends? Is it too tight, too loose or has iron-stains? TIP- If yes, then don’t bother to get it fitted. You need a new one! Choose the darkest black which looks richer than its predecessor.
  3. Keep the Blazer and Pants together and exact-match their colors. Thumbs-up, if they do. If they don’t, you need to replace either of them! (Write to us if you need help in choosing the right Black Blazer)
  4. Find a crisp white shirt. Absolutely plain. Preferably, new.
  5. Wear them together. Choose a striking color for a Pocket-square. Groom your hair and smile. Voila!
Formal Wedding outfit- All Black, black blazer, dark coat and white shirt with black trousers.

All Pepper, with a Dash of Salt.

Hope you like it!

Let us know. 🙂



Winter Weaves: Latest Mens’ Fashion

We’ve often wondered what would happen to the world without its wandering, wistful weaves? 🙂

Can you imagine a world of mens’ fashion with just prints everywhere? Say, a printed white shirt for office or a printed black formal shirt for a dinner party, or even more ghastly-a printed traditional Kurta/Sherwani un-fit for mens’ wedding? Sometimes, we can’t help but think how boring would the world be if there was ‘All print and No weave!’ :-/

Winters, especially in India (well, mostly north-India) are a fabulous time to experiment with beautiful, vibrant colors and like most stylish men in the Wild Wild West, Indian Men should also know a thing or two about the most fashionable weaves to flaunt in otherwise gloomy winters.

Style in case, this beautiful Turquoise Waffle-Weave Sweater which is a great fit for almost all sizes, thanks to the relaxed weave quality which does not look too odd over a bit of a winter-tummy! 😀 <Yay!>



Second in line to love is this fabulous Herringbone Three Piece Suit for Men, which is a classic choice for some heavy duty professional wear as well as some high-profile stylish dressing for a fashionably updated Indian man. 🙂



Last in the series of our favorite-weaves-for-Indian-men is this fantastic Open weave sweater for all seasons. The rich blue color on this stylish winter wear is ideal for all levels of cold and blends well with stylish outerwear like a casual Jacket or a simple black mens’ overcoat.



We love this because this simple piece can transform into a ultra-cool yet casual outfit for those who want to play it sporty, whereas it easily merges with understated style of wearing it with a beige coat or a grey blazer in Winters!

Love it, or Not? Let us know in the comments below!



Leopard trench coats – Wild fashion statement!

Look seriously stylish on rainy days in a leopard trench coat

When it rains, take care of your style and don’t let the damp weather dampen your spirits! Today we will talk about all the possible ways of wearing a trench coat and specially focus on the leopard prints to make you look hot in this wet season.

Trench coat is an age old classic, something that women should have in their wardrobe. Having said that, make sure you don’t go for cheap trench coats, as they scream ordinary!

We will style you today with that gorgeous leopard trench coat and also tell you about the things to be worn with it to make you tempestuous.

If they are as long as your knee, team it up with a skinny leggings, you can let your hair flow with the wind. Don’t miss on the stilettos. To have that extra touch you can grab a little clutch. Make sure you don’t add a lot with your leopard print trench coat as its already heavy!

StyleSaute Tip: In rainy season, the floor isn’t always the best to walk with stilettos, so carry a pair of non-slippery bellies (in black, preferably glossy!) and change to stilettos whenever you’ve the chance to!

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Red is this season’s hot favorite. Go wild with a leopard print trench coat in Red, skip the leggings and show your perfect bare legs with a high pony or a bun. Wear high heels or a glossy pair of bellies! Make sure your trench coat’s length is above your knee.

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Rainy season can be a gift for some and can be a disaster equally. But if you have the correct choice of clothes and a fashionable taste, then you can do a lot with your gorgeous leopard print trench coat. However, stylish leopard print trench coats may be a bit difficult to get. But online is definitely worth a try. If you ever find them expensive then check out for deals and offers online on these leopard print trench coats so that you can own your style statement without a hole in your pocket.


Need more tips? write to us at shruti@stylesaute.in and ask away!

Love, Shruti


Scorching Summers 2014: What to Wear?

The Objective: To feel cool in cool fabrics while keeping the Style Quotient high.
The Method: StyleSaute helps suggest the Right Color/Style/Fabric for the Scorching Summers ’14.

1. The Trial & HIT!

Amazingly cool-feeling and cool-looking Denim Shirts are just one piece of clothing that can Almost Always make Indian Men look so very sexy.

Latest summer fashion for men

This H&M Button Down Denim Shirt is going to stay on our minds for-ever!

2. This Amazing Fragile-looking Fabric in Translucent White

White is a color that never, read NEVER goes out of Fashion and this is one big fact that almost all Hot Italian Chicos swear by it. 😉 Read again, Swear-by-it. We see no rhyme or reason why we shouldn’t swoon on this color & fabric combination in our Indian Summers!

latest fashion for men, shop online men india

The Swear-By-It Linen Fashion for Men

3. Fine Foldable Multi-way Prints

Sometimes the mornings are so hot that you may feel like wearing a sweat-tee instead of a formal shirt! Fine Print Shirts can come to your rescue by cleverly hiding those little crease marks, or sweat patches or just a lousy ironing after-effect by the virtue of a fading in-out print like the one below.

It also becomes a great choice as it can look equally fashionable when the arms aren’t folded & vice-versa.

Fashionable Multi-way Printed Shirts for Men

Fashionable Multi-way Printed Shirts for Men

Don’t forget to tell us how you liked this post ..! 🙂 Or if inspired, feel free to write to shruti@stylesaute.in and we could help you buy similar fashion.


Love! xoxo